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"When I wanted to skate, my parents used to refuse. Not initially, but as time passed they wanted to place restrictions on me. That’s because the villagers used to come and say things like ‘your girl hangs around with the boys… skateboards with them’. They used to say things like ‘girls should not be doing that, keep her at home, teach her how to cook and prepare for marriage’. So I faced challenges in the beginning but I refused to listen to them. I used to reply asking if they have seen me do anything wrong? I used to challenge them. I told them to not trust what others are saying, but to trust me instead. Once I started going out of the village, that’s when they started trusting that I won’t do anything wrong."

This gave me a lot of confidence and I realized, I do have a voice!

I do what I love. And I love what I do.

I found my passion, I found my voice.

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