In 2015/2016 I had endless conversations with my parents. I was invited to go to England to learn better English. This invitation came to after a workshop that took place in my village at the new skatepark. I participated in the English sessions and at the end, I had this invitation.

A long journey begun.

It took me more than eight months to convince my parents to let me go. It was a truning point in my life and I am very grateful that my parents have made this decision, even though my entire village turned against me and my family. Yet, my parents stood behind me and always supported me. Without them my journey would have been quite different.

After my father said yes, I got a passport and the preparations for my trip started. It was a great adventure.

My father is speaking in Hindi, here is the translation: “I’m feeling very good that my daughter is going to England. I’m feeling so happy, so very very happy. Also because she will go on and learn to do good work, and also progress forwards.
She is making everyone happy and proud. Boosting the confidence of the other kids, the village and herself. This makes me very happy.”

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