I am currently running a fundraiser on Ketto.

Please support me!

Here is why:

I gave my “debut” so to speak with my first rap “I’m THAT girl!”. I want to be a rapper because I feel I can tell the truth through rap. I tried it and now I want to take it forward!

In my first rap I address a few issues which bother me and which I want to change. I want to be a voice for many girls and I invite the boys to join us! This first rap was in English, because with this rap song I applied for a scholarship. Here are some more details about the song and my journey.

I made it into our local newspaper with my rap song

Now I want to do this song in Hindi that EVERYONE in my village and in Panna can better understand what I want and what I feel. Rap is my medium of expression.

To do so I need your help. I need a proper recording device – I am planning to buy the Zoom H1n Handy Recorder which costs 9000 INR (including shipping). With this I am able to record in Janwaar and I don’t need to travel somewhere. And I can use it whenever I feel like. This is very important for me. In addition to the recording device I need sessions with my teacher Rijul who has written the rhymes for my English rap and now he is supporting me for the Hindi version as well. We are currently working on the Hindi rhymes and soon I will start practicing for the recording. This will cost another 5000 INR. And I need to pay for the music production, another 5000 INR. It will be done in a little studio in Delhi. Subu has also helped me with my first rap. An additional 1000 INR I’ve calculated for miscellaneous such as data transfer, batteries and so on.

I am currently working with Rijul on the HIndi rhymes. We are planning to this finalised by February 20; then I need to practice and hopefully, by early / mid-March we can produce the Hindi version of my song.

I cannot do this alone – I do need your help! I promise to give my very best and make you proud – when you support me!

Thank you!

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