Hi all, I want to give you an update on what I am up to these days ….

I’m preparing for my 10 grade exams – they are very close. I have coaching classes in Panna for science, social science and Hindustaan music. My Hindi classes are online with a teacher in Delhi and painting I teach myself.

Sometimes it is hard to motivate myself, I just don’t feel like studying – but after 10 or 15 minutes into it I am fine, because I know I have to!

Besides studying I practice for the Skateboarding National Championships and I also rehearse my Hindi rap!

These day my schedule is very tight – I try to follow my daily schedule and focus and try to waste not toooooo much of time. It’s tricky once in a while.

I go to Panna on my bicycle. My cousin Poorti is also attending the classes. So we ride together on two bicycles. Today on our way back to Janwaar we had a problem, my my bicycle chain broke! On the main road! There was no one we could ask for help 🙁 But then we used our GIRL’S POWER!

Girls’ Power

Poorti towed me – I hold tight my shirt which we had set tight at Poorti’s bicycle – and it worked! It was awesome and great fun for us!T oday we learnt that whatever problem we face we can solve it! Just stay calm, understand the problem and believe in yourself! I can make it! And I can make it nicely.

We can take care of ourselves!!!

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